Getaway staff as fuwwies uwu

uwu hewwo evwybody! 2day we thought we’d pway a siwwy joke on da getaway staff >w< by making them awwl fuwwies! OWO

I hope u all wuv da Getaway as much as I do!! o3o


W-wow uwu wook at the editor-in-chief’s big, stwong muscles <3 he’s a stwong, handsome weader, hewping evwyone get theiw work done and making sure the Getaway is the BEST student newspaper >:3

“Flirty boy” by Koul on

Managing Editowr

Ouwr managing editowr is the MAGAZINE MOM of da Geatway! <3 She coowrdinates AWWL da magazine content and makes it WEAL GOOD >3< wifout hewr, ouwr magazine would be twash ;(((

“VOGUE PRINCESS” by h-e-l-y on

Onwine Editowr/Awts and Cuwtuwre Editowr

2 jobs??!?!? :OOOO dats a wot of WORK O3O she’s doing a gweat job, tho :3 need a sociawl media post scheduwuled or an awts piece editied?! She’s GOTCHU >3<

“Computer Woes” by lizardbeth on

News Editowr

Its da NEWS MAN O3O he’s in charwge of all da NEWS stuff at the Getaway, making suwre da facts awre stwaight and da news gets out ON TIME >:3 he’s awways waiting for dat BIG SCOOP owo

“Werewolf News” by tandemonium on

Opinion Editowr

HOT TAKES, get YO hot TAKES HEWRE OWO dis guy has wots of opinions and WOTS of thougwhts :3 but sometimes he gets a wittle too worked up abowt the gweatest evil of them awwl: CAPITALWISM :OOOOOO

“WW1 Characters: Vladimir Lenin” by Droll3 on

Staff Weporwters

Do u need wewiable people to get bweaking news out o3o? Look no further than our staff ewporwters! >W<  They’we dedicated and weady to leap onto bweaking news and reporwt only the FACTS owo

“Fox Reporter” by Proxicute on
“90s Anime Kaze Screenshot” by StatX015 on

Diwectowr of Finance and Administwation

Hewe he IS O3O the MONEYMANNNNNNN >;3 u gotta have someone to handlwe awl the MONEY, don’t u?????? eWe

“LIVE PIC #18 : Money money money…” by Titash on

Art Diwectowr

WOW!!!! OWO I wish I was as good of an awtist and designwer as ouwr ART DIWECTOR <3 she’s awways making suwre that there’s beaUtifUl iwwustwations for da magaZine and ELSEWHEWRE :3

“Pro as Heck” by RamTheDragon on

Photo Editowr

CWICK CWICK, dats da sound of the CAMEWA UWU need a photo taken? Ouwr PHOTO EDITOWR has got yo back ;3 he’s weady to snap pics at any event, of ANYTHING (wiffin weason, of course o3o)

“Barton and his camera!” by BartonFox on


I am technowogiccawwy iwwiterate!!!! u3u dats why we have a WEBMASTEWR, for all da TWICKY Web STUFF OWO if da website goes down, have NO FEAWR UWU da webmastewr is HERWE !!

“A nerd and his computer” by taasla on

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