Point/Counterpoint: Should we vandalize the U of A pianos?


People against the destruction of campus pianos forget one thing: we are only human.

In the pressure cooker of academia, students are prone to buckle under the sheer weight of continual research papers, essays, lab reports, written assignments. The expectations imposed upon you by your faculty, your professors, your peers and your parents and then repeated five-fold per semester.

In the pursuit of unattainable GPAs, we lose track of ourselves.

Historically, it’s human to have an insatiable tendency towards destruction, especially under extreme instances of stress of emotional duress. We cannot, and should not suppress this. The cathartic release of the destruction of something — anything — is therapeutic. Pianos especially.

The dissonant clash and splinter spray from the moment of impact is a moment worth revelling in. Tchaikovsky couldn’t compose something this visceral, nor Mozart this beautiful.

When destroying a piano, you are destroying something that has the ability to create beauty; this is beautiful in itself.

And that is truly beautiful.


Pianos are cool and make pretty music and are good to play while you wait for the train and you can play the following songs on a Piano:

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Ba Ba Black Sheep

The Alphabet Song


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