Soundcloud rapper arrested for legit reasons, internet cult protests anyways

Local rapper xxx420blazeitacion just got released on bail for some reason. After growing popular on streaming platforms including Soundcloud, Crave TV and MS Paint, xxx420blazeitacion was arrested over a year ago because he basically kicked the shit out of a girl.

While xxx420blazeitacion was in jail, a group of 13-year-olds began to miss his horrible blend of trap and ’90s nu-metal. In protest of his sentence that he wouldn’t even fully serve, a group of cultishly devoted fans amalgamated to show support for the one they call “x.”  For months, these fans called for x’s release even though he basically kicked the shit out a girl.

Upon xxx420blazeitacion’s release, it was reported his followers had built a wooden effigy and were taking drugged kool aid, worshipping the image of somebody who basically kicked the shit out a girl.

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