Letter to the editor from the editor: I liked ‘The Gateway’ better as a newspaper

I miss the good ol’ days when The Gateway was a newspaper.

I liked three lines free. I liked when it pretended to report the news. I liked defacing the headboxes of authors who wrote opinion articles I disagreed with.

I enjoyed the chalky texture of the paper beneath my fingers and the ink transfer as I flipped pages with stories I pretended to read. I enjoyed how it pretended to be  I enjoyed using it as a blanket when I took a nap on the couches in SUB. I enjoyed using it as a shield to hide from the ghosts of my high school’s past as they walked past. I enjoyed its pretend legitimacy. I enjoyed Space Moose’s idea of using it as toilet paper if there wasn’t any.

Now, The Gateway tried hard to be artsy, with its heavier, matte paper and raunchy weed covers. Now, it’s “creative” but is actually still a newspaper in a magazine format. Who has a news section in a magazine? It always has a least one typo in every issue. Did you see “Ocotober” in the Oct issue? Good editing, editors.

The Gateway is misogynistic, and sex-obsessed. Unless it’s a car review, the content is garbage. I want to see a newspaper on stands every week, not racks that are half empty/empty/filled with other publications for months on end. Tory Lecture still has newspapers in that rack. God bless.

I miss the good ol’ days when The Gateway would throw out more newspapers than were picked up.

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