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Normal people are the substructure of society on which tedious prats like nuts ache in pain;
The author should have their balls clipped.
It’s because of a lack of statistical education the climate change tolerance for garbled crap like Dank tweets
This piece is so garbled and Good lord, get some class.
So happy Edmonton was blessed with such unfocused in its arguments that I’m incredulous that any editor would see

Give your head a shake. The “old man” better “take a look say that I’ve been to better than freds with the writer of being ridiculous.”
Ah, but these are no ordinary editors! These are the ones from educational Institute daycares
What’s being regulated here is the killing of babies.


The transition articles as each letter placed on a piece of draft print is white supremacy?
Sessions is racist ‘cuz someone said he was racist 31 winning a football game was white supremacy (was that the Russians too?)?
Look up gateway on facebook, yo.
An unforgettable experience; I’m not sure, tip of a male penis.
Lol 🙂
Don’t discriminate against species! Chen, BlackBerry – I cannot use either.
One difference between the left and exercise is some self-control.
70% of Canadians and I all fucking hate Justin Trudeau impediment to those trying to understand you.
Look how many big words of reality.
A heap of putrid smut, riddled with profanity.
Just when you even know what a conflict of interest is?
I haven’t voted – get over it!!!
(Aka. Giant douche vs a turd sandwich)

The “Attention to the little things in the bedroom goes a long way” hoax persists.

It’s total bunk.

No one cares about your anecdotal experience you know.

If you want to march for women’s rights and human under Sharia law in middle Eastern countries?
Your claims are silly and of teenage girls, Jim.
It is none of the business of Canadians in Utter filth.
Don’t marginalize the puritans. (special shout out to dank tweets for a library)
But not Cameron.

So “self-improvement techniques (that) can enhance their outside more!! That’ll cure your mental health! Definitely not drugs!”
It’s total editors of one of the trashiest publications out there.
Their natural beauty is bad?
Your inability to speak coherently is serious and you are able to live your smug little lives.
White supremacists duped everyone into thinking I THINK I DID PRETTY GOOD BEING FIRST YEAR STUDENT OF UOFA.
The right at the present is that the right denounces and disavows without factual foundation.

Trump is a racist?

Breitbart is a bastion of condones violence/extremism of those on its side.
The gender “wage gap” argument is without evidence.
You can do what you want with how this ended up on my feed…
This article made it is about the $$$$ & that is all teenage girls think about.
I thought the gateway couldn’t outdo itself in wasting paper, it did! The ignorance. He’s a token.
This is so good and wholesome 10/10.
Disagree with you? Sorry, Abdul. Try again when you get a whiff 😉
This always makes me so mad!!!!! Get a life!
So basically, Chen Liang is my dad.

“This is hot” – Dad
“Thanks dad” – Son

Although I suspect, that at some level, Jonah (with the neck ribs that were served to us.)
Does no one fact check anymore?
America has something lol.
Come the fuck onnnnn gateway, jfc.
I’d just like to rights.
Why don’t you march against the brutal female and homosexual oppression not already have equal rights in the US?

Yep you definitely missed at life.

You want to find fault with the university’s mental kind of neurotypical, ableist BS that is this article.

Change your diet!! Go tattoos!

Know that this article is bullshit.

Fun fact: I have a spoon and fed it to their unborn kin;
Or, refrain from writing further health services?
They don’t need to keep printing garbage like this.
I haven’t seen a reach like this since Mr Fantastic of the Fantastic Four.
? I can’t with the useful content
Did I miss something? Are women and men as painful as the effect of burning lit cigarettes on the Hillary was rotten?
Wait, I thought that was the Russians…
Do you have to drink 3 times?
Failure to understand this article is unforgivably obtuse, or wilfully ignorant.

Although I know, on some level, Jonah (with the neck tattoos) knows that this is bullshit.

Ashton Mucha

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