My Little Pony is now a hate symbol

Parents everywhere are burning their kids’ My Little Pony dolls and DVDs after legendary unknown Twitter user @fakenewshere made headlines for the claim that the perennial favourite children’s cartoon was a hate symbol.

“Rainbow Dash is an allegorical connection to hate on the LGBTQ+ community. #MLPIsOver #no,” read the fateful tweet.

Since then, My Little Pony has been cancelled. All toys are being recalled and destroyed. Bronies are going underground. It’s the horizon of a brand new world.


        1. Lol, i was thinking more about dawning my Pony persona pic. XD but I wouldn’t mind cosplay.

  1. Huh?? I was under the impression that MLP is doing really well. Bronies are still here and the fanbase is growing still for all ages. XD

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