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SU Elections 2023 Q&A: Lister Hall Students’ Association Fee

The Students' Union 2023 election will allow students living in Lister to decide on renewing the Lister Hall Students’ Association Fee.

In addition to electing new student representatives, the Students’ Union 2023 election will give students living in Lister Hall the opportunity to vote on the Lister Hall Students’ Association (LHSA) Fee. 

The fee put forward by the LHSA would be a one-time payment of $75.00 in the semester that the resident moves into Lister Hall. These students would also have the option to opt-out of the fee. The money collected seeks to enhance the experience of those living students in residence through programs, services, and advocacy.

Representing the LHSA in this Q&A is Natalia Ewanek, second year chemical engineering student and current treasurer of LHSA.

The following interviews have been edited for brevity and clarity.

What is this referendum trying to accomplish?

Natalia Ewanek: We’re trying to renew our annual fee of $75 for members of Lister Residence.

For students who don’t know, what is LHSA?

Ewanek: We’re an association in residence. We help advocate for students and we run tower-wide, floor-wide, and the whole centre-wide events and programs to help people move into residence in first year.

If this referendum passes, how much will students be paying and how was that cost determined?

Ewanek: They’re only paying $75 and the cost is determined just based on our annualized budget and based on past years. A large portion goes to payroll and for all our employees, and then a lot of goes to programming and Lister events.

Will all students be paying this fee?

Ewanek: There is an option to opt-out. You fill out a form and it has to be submitted by September 30. But anyone in residence can opt out and there’s a Google form in our social media.

Why do you think students should care about the work being done by the LHSA?

Ewanek: Our association and the fee, really helps make Lister, Lister. It helps create those events and makes first year a memorable experience. Without the LSA, Lister loses some of its flare and some of the great memories that everyone makes.

-With files from Lily Polenchuk

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