January Crossword Answers

Find the answers to the winter print issue crossword here!


3. Who did The Gateway gain independence from in 2002: STUDENTSUNION

6. The new tallest building on campus: DONADEO

11. The first building constructed on campus: ATHABASCAHALL

12. Collective name for the Athabasca, Pembina and Assiniboia Halls: THREESISTERS

14. Building on campus that used to house cadavers for the medical faculty in early 1900s: POWERPLANT

16. “Most humanistic of the sciences and the most scientific of the humanities”: ANTHROPOLOGY

19. U of A’s motto “Quaecumque Vera” means “__________ things are true”: WHATSOEVER

21. Series of drawings and digital prints exploring the connection between arts and sciences in CCIS by instructor in the Faculty of Education, Ron _____: WIGGLESWORTH

22. Raymond Urgel Lumieux at the U of A was the first to synthesise: SUCROSE

23. The Memorial Organ was installed to honour those lost during which world war: ONE 

24. Largest faculty at the U of A: SCIENCE


1. Founded in Pincher Creek by an Oblate Priest in 1908: CAMPUSSAINTJEAN

2. U of A building retrofitted with solar heating and rainwater collection in 2008: TRIFFOHALL

4. the U of A’s Faculty of _____ was the first in Canada: EDUCATION

5. Rare books are kept in temperature and humidity controlled conditions in this library: BRUCEPEEL

7. Provincial historic site on Saskatchewan Drive: RUTHERFORDHOUSE

8. In the U of A’s first year of operation __ out of 45 undergraduates were women: SEVEN

9. Baby fossil cast displayed in CCIS of this species of dinosaur: CHASMOSAURUS

10. As a branch of the National Research Council, The National Institute of _____ is not open to students: NANOTECHNOLOGY

13. The first premier of Alberta, who also passed an act to found the U of A: RUTHERFORD

15. this used to be the tallest building on campus until 2015: TORY

17. In 1930, 5 farm buildings were moved from North Campus to South by: WHEELS

18. In 1972, Gateway staff went on strike and started their own paper called: POUNDMAKER

20. The first black female lawyer in Canada, and a U of A graduate: VIOLETKING

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