September 2023 Crossword Answers

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1. This abandoned Whyte Ave. hospital was turned into lofts: ST. JOSEPH’S

2. Which former prime minister of Canada was a Gateway Editor-in-Chief: JOE CLARK

3. The Gateway was one of the founding members of this organization made up of Canada’s student newspapers: CANADIAN UNIVERSITY PRESS

4. This Edmonton festival had to be moved from Hawrelak Park: HERITAGE FESTIVAL

6. This Edmonton haunted house has run for 10 years: DEADMONTON

8. The Universiade Pavilion is better known as: BUTTERDOME

9. This three day festival celebrates Caribbean culture: CARIWEST

11. In the 90s, The Gateway stole it’s legendary Purity Test from which university paper: THE UBYSSEY

12. Which former mayor was a Gateway alumnus: DON IVESON

14. In 2017, due to construction, a sandbar appeared on the North Saskatchewan river and was called: ACCIDENTAL BEACH

15. In 1932, The Gateway hired its first female Editor-in-Chief: MARGARET MOORE

21. The U of A Botanic Garden is in this county: PARKLAND

22. Pub by campus named after this literary character: SHERLOCK HOLMES

23. This festival is the largest and longest-running theatre festival in North America: FRINGE


5. Edmonton Folk Fest takes place here: GALLAGHER PARK

7. The Garneau Theatre is built in this style: ART MODERNE

10. This popular ice cream shop can be found down a Whyte Ave. alleyway: MADE BY MARCUS

11. The Gateway’s spoof edition was called: THE GETAWAY

14. This attraction runs across the High Level Bridge: STREETCAR

16. The design for the 2022 Edmonton Corn Maze was dedicated to this football team: ELKS

17. The Gateway was founded the same year this era ended: EDWARDIAN

18. Whyte Avenue used to be part of this city: STRATHCONA

19. Western Canada’s largest food festival: TASTE OF EDMONTON

20. The Wee Book Inn has a tradition of having this breed of cat: HIMALAYAN

21. Infamous instrument in the pedway to HUB: PIANO

24. The Humanities Centre was built in this style: BRUTALIST

25. The oldest surviving cinema in Edmonton: PRINCESS THEATRE

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