January 2024 Crossword Answers

Find the answers to the winter print crossword here!


2. In September, the U of A unveiled their newest strategic plan called ________. SHAPE

4. The quiet study room in Rutherford South is commonly referred to as the ________ room. HARRY POTTER

5. Legend has it, the spirit of a nurse haunts ________ hall, which served as a temporary hospital during the deadly influenza pandemic in 1918. PEMBINA

6. How many varsity sports teams (men and women) does U of A have? FOURTEEN

7. This provost and vice-president just had her term renewed to continue serving for a five year term. VERNAYIU

9. Name of UAlberta’s Downtown Edmonton campus. ENTERPRISE SQUARE

11. Roughly how many city blocks does North Campus occupy? FIFTY

12. What country cabaret has been put on at the U of A for the last 26 years? BARNONE

14. What is U of A’s largest single residence? LISTERCENTRE

15. This fast-food chain has the longest morning coffee lineups on campus. TIM HORTONS

16. In 1998, U of A researchers produced the world’s first oral ________ antiviral. HEPATITIS B

22. How many faculties does the U of A have? EIGHTEEN


1. The Gateway was founded in the year nineteen ________. TEN

3. View the stars from this location on the fifth floor of CCIS. OBSERVATORY

8. ________ campus is the original U of A campus. NORTH

10. On what floor is the Gateways office located? THIRD

11. How many campuses does U of A have? FOUR

13. Contracting a cold, dubbed ________, is a rite of passage for students residing in Lister Residence. LISTERITIS

17. Which building houses a rock museum in the basement? EARTH SCIENCES

18. The University of ________ was split from the U of A in the year 1966. CALGARY

19. This former Edmonton mayor previously worked at The Gateway. DONIVESON

20. You can always count on ________ to crash when you have an assignment due. ECLASS

21. What is the name of UAlberta’s Camrose campus. AUGUSTANA

23. This faculty has over 20 departments and approximately 6,000 students. ARTS

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