September Crossword Answers

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8. this U of A area houses the Saville Community Sports Centre: SOUTHCAMPUS
9. the leadership college at the U of A: PETERLOUGHEED
14. the U of A is the only Canadian post-secondary institution with this faculty: NATIVESTUDIES
15. U of A’s bear mascot: GUBA
16. found in the lower level of SUB, you may find political debates, holiday events, and cocktail receptions hosted here: ATRIUM
17. U of A’s panda mascot: PATCHES
19. this is Campus Saint-Jean’s support centre for excellence: LACENTRALE
21. theatre located in SUB; professors must give students time off for this UASU elections forum: MYERHOROWITZ 
24. located in SUB, this lounge previously held live music events: DINWOODIE
27. this art collection in the U of A museums features over one thousand pieces from East Asia: MACTAGGART


1. ___ vera; this is the U of A’s Latin motto: QUAECUMQUE
2. often referred to as “DICE,” you may find engineering students here: DONADEO
3. this Cretaceous organism swings above heads in CCIS: PLESIOSAUR
4. previously titled the Dent/Pharm Building, you may have seen the construction work on this building while walking around: UNIVERSITYCOMMONS
5. this U of A researcher received a Nobel Prize in 2020 (last name): HOUGHTON
6. this campus is an hour’s drive from Edmonton: AUGUSTANA
7. this U of A Bears team recently hosted the U Sports Championship and won a bronze medal: BASKETBALL
10. trivia nights are hosted at this campus bar: DEWEYS
11. this building was named after the U of A’s founding dean: VANVLIET
12. residence well known for their dodgeball league: LISTER
13. this is the largest library on campus and Canada’s second-largest research library: RUTHERFORD
18. this building is named after the first U of A president: TORY
20. this building is the oldest on the U of A’s campus: ATHABASCAHALL
22. you may hear the rooftop bar on campus referred to by this name: RATT
23. you may find a craft sale here twice a year: BUTTERDOME
25. this animal is featured on the faculty of engineering logo: BEAVER
26. a name you may hear in reference to ALES students: AGGIES

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