Marble Pedestal: Chargers

With fall semester online, it's time we acknowledge and thank chargers for their role in our lives

They’re like that friend in the group who stops to tie their shoelaces and gets left behind. You know who I’m talking about — the friend who we inform about the changed plans minutes after they already reached the wrong destination. Why we treat chargers this way, I’ll never know, but it’s time for us to appreciate the small piece of technology that saves our lives time and time again. 

When was the last time you walked into a campus building and found a sufficient number of charger plugs in working condition? Can’t recollect, right? Because this is how underrated chargers are in our lives.

Chargers are often lying around the place and handled with utmost negligence. Most of us are willing to compromise them for the sake of a light backpack because unlike earphones, we can always borrow chargers.

Nowadays there is hardly an hour that goes by without plugging in all sorts of gadgets — be it a laptop, mobile phone, tablets or even earphones. It is not wrong to say that chargers are no less than heroes in COVID-19. With everything moving online and an exponential increase in social networking, we literally and figuratively need to ‘zoom out.’ We have to acknowledge how these dynamic electric circuits are working tirelessly for us to feel relevant professionally while also connecting us to our loved ones.

Even if this feels like an exaggeration, I want to indulge in it because it’s high time that someone takes one for the team and thanks these merciless heroes. For chargers are to electronics what sleep is to the brain and what manure is to crops.

The next time you find yourself tempted to throw your chargers across the bed, pause and be a little considerate in their handling. It surely took a pandemic for us to realise how indispensable chargers are but from now on they deserve to be on a marble pedestal forever.

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