February horoscopes

Aries: You’ve been feeling pretty spicy lately. Just don’t get heated over every little thing — some things are beyond your control.

Taurus: Mistakes were made, so take a step back and re-evaluate. You’ll get it next time. 

Gemini: You feel like you’re going to have a bad time. The next steps will test your determination, so don’t lose sight of your original goals. 

Cancer: 200+ hours of binge watching K-dramas has empowered you to rebuild and learn from your mistakes. Trust that you’ll make the right call.  

Leo: When in doubt about what to say next, think: what would Keanu Reeves do?

Virgo: Despite major instability, you’re determined to retake your life. Strife can be a great motivator and mentor, just don’t make it your lover. 

Libra: Finally, the countless hours spent on analyzing Shakespeare will come in handy for once. Get ready for a mixed bag of history, tragedy, and history. 

Scorpio: You’ve flex taped your problems and are ready to move on. Be more open with the people around you; it’ll be better than you think.

Sagittarius: You’re feeling better after yeeting some burdens, but uncertainty lingers. Broaden your perspective to find the next long-term goal. 

Capricorn: You’re going to have trouble managing your relationships soon. Get ready to make some big brain plays.

Aquarius: Your last relationship ended badly. If there was ever a reason to get the squad together over homemade comfort food, it’s now.

Pisces: The grind hasn’t granted much success, so get ready to switch gears. It’s time to go even further beyond.

Jonathan Hocnalon

Jonathan Hocnalon is a fourth-year immunology student. He believes everyone's got a story to share: it's just a matter of finding the right questions, knowing when to ask them, and listening respectfully.

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