December horoscopes

Aries: I foresee a bubble bath, wine, and your favourite Netflix show in your future. Take some time to relax and ground yourself — you deserve it. 

Taurus: Do yourself a favour and make sure to meet your sleep quota this month to the best of your ability. You’re always working so hard, and you need to rest. 

Gemini: Remember that grades are just a single metric of how you do in a single class. They mean nothing about who you are as a person: valuable, wonderful, and worthy of a good future.

Cancer: Let it out, cry if you need to, it is really good cathartic release. Allow yourself to feel those surging emotions and address them head on — it is okay to feel.

Leo: Let go of what you haven’t achieved this year and think about your successes. No matter how incremental, progress is progress, and you are growing and learning. That’s worth celebrating!

Virgo: You don’t have to worry about things alone! You have good friends and people who care about you, and it is totally okay to ask for help or for an open ear. 

Libra: You’re always looking for validation from other people, and because you’re incredibly likeable, this works most of the time. But when it doesn’t, you really take it personally. Learn to define your self-worth by who you are, not by what everyone else thinks of you.

Scorpio: Learn to balance your boundaries: don’t agree to too many commitments and don’t shut yourself out of potentially good things because you feel underqualified.

Sagittarius: I’m not going to tell you to learn to love yourself before you love others — you absolutely should love other people. The problem is that you don’t reserve any of your love for yourself. Be gentle with yourself.

Capricorn: Things won’t always be in your control. Try to take comfort in that instead of feeling stressed. The Universe is looking out for you, and things will work out, I promise. 

Aquarius: Go ahead and order yourself your favourite thing to eat. You deserve that warmth and comfort. 

Pisces: You’re going to make mistakes – but people are imperfect, so you need to forgive yourself. You’re human and failing is part of growing.

Pia Co

Pia Co is the acting 2020-21 Editor-in-Chief and the 2019-20 Director of Marketing and Outreach of The Gateway. They're in their final year as a Sociology and Political Science student. When they aren't clicking away at a keyboard and copy editing gtwy.ca, they can be found playing slap funk bass, or making a shockingly elaborate four course meal. 

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