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The Watch-men Ep 66: “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter”

The day has come for The Watch-men to say a sorrowful goodbye to the most successful video game franchise of all time: Resident Evil.

…Oh man, does that ever say something about the sad state of video game adaptations.

Sam and Vincent return to the franchise, which they started watching 15 years ago, with their review of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Does the series go out on a zombie-killing high? Does Milla Jovovich finally defeat the insidious Umbrella Corporation? Does Paul W.S. Anderson continue to say “f**k it” to all logic and continuity?  

We discuss this, plus give our thoughts on the Resident Evil series as a whole and rank the six films from worst to — I don’t want to say best — so, least worst!

Liam Neeson Jumps a Fence

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