Photostory: Pandas basketball wins two subsequent games against UNBC

The Pandas managed to lead in points for all four quarters.

On November 24, the University of Alberta Pandas basketball team won 81-39 against the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) Timberwolves

The Pandas had a slow start in the first quarter with a 17-15 lead. In the following quarter, they scored 19 points, while the Timberwolves only scored seven. The Pandas managed to maintain a lead in all four quarters.

Claire Signatovich and Jenna Harpe scored a total 27 points. Signatovich achieved the most with 14 points, and Harpe followed closely with 13 points. Shortly behind were Brigitte Olson and Kiah Easton-Ihediohanma with nine points each. 

The Timberwolves only managed to make 26.4 per cent of their shots. In contrast, the Pandas made 41.9 per cent of theirs. As well, only five Timberwolves players scored points. Although they managed to gain 15 points in the first quarter, they slowed down in the subsequent quarters. In the last quarter, they only managed to gain six points.

The two teams faced each other again on November 25 and the Pandas came out with another win of 71-50.  

Lale Fassone

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