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Photostory: March 24, 2023 BoG Meeting and Halt the Hike protest

Some students protested during the meeting while others were outside, chanting and speaking about their thoughts on the proposed tuition increases.

On March 24, the University of Alberta Board of Governors (BoG) met to discuss the proposed domestic and international tuition increases for 2023-24. The resulting votes during this meeting approved all proposed tuition increases: a 5.5 per cent domestic tuition increase, a 5.5 per cent tuition increase for international students admitted prior to fall 2020, and a 6.5 per cent increase for new international students entering in fall 2024.

In opposition to the increases, BoG members were given a petition with 2,200 signatures and an open letter signed by 1,975 students before the meeting.

In response to the proposed tuition increases, a protest was organized by the University of Alberta Students’ Union (UASU), Halt the Hike, and the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA). Some students protested in the Council Chambers and others were outside chanting and speaking about their thoughts about the tuition increases.

Arthur Macatangay

Arthur Macatangay was the 2022-23 Managing Editor for The Gateway. He will be graduating in Fall 2023 after four years in the specialization in immunology and infection program. If you don’t see him looking at memes on Instagram and TikTok, he’s either drawing digitally, trying out new songs on the piano, bouldering, or hanging out with his dog.

Lochlann Kerr

Lochlann Kerr was the 2022-23 Executive Director at The Gateway. He previously served as the 2021-22 Marketing & Outreach Coordinator. He studied political science, economics, and sociology. He loves photography, camping, and was also the president of the U of A Debate Society!

Jonas Smith

Jonas Smith is the 2023-2024 Executive Director at The Gateway. He previously served as the Deputy Photo Editor. He’s in his second year studying Political Science and Sociology. He loves photography and longboarding. He spends a lot of his free time at the movie theatre with his friends.

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