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Playlist: Bop in your step

As summer warms up the city, take a walk with this playlist in your ear!

Calling all nature-enthusiasts!

Summer is upon us! Have you ever felt the need to go for a walk because it was simply too a nice day outside? When you go for that walk, do you feel like you need something to jam to? Your days of shuffling random playlists are over because I’ve got your back.

This playlist is curated in a way such that it has a little something for everybody, with all kinds of genres wrapped in one. This has songs to make to bop your head, songs that bring up nostalgia, songs that make you want to dance, and songs that will even make you think about life! 

Remember to listen to this whenever you decide to go for a walk — you will not regret it!

Amaya Silva

Amaya is the 2023 spring/summer Arts & Culture Deputy Editor. She is a third-year in the food science and technology program. She can be best described as a person obsessed with anything related to Japan and food. When she isn’t studying she is either cooking or watching anime.

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