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U of A students share caution and excitement on geese returning to campus

Students at the U of A said that while the presence of geese embellishes campus life, it is better to give geese space to avoid being chased. 

Canadian geese return to Canada after spending winter in a warmer climate. With the snow melting and the weather getting warmer, these birds have returned to the University of Alberta’s campus to share the space with students. 

Bijan Boroumand, a fourth-year civil environmental engineering student and vice-president (communications) of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Students Society, said that campus geese are a nice sign that summer is coming. 

“It kind of feels nice when geese are back, it is like a sign that it is going to get warmer and that winter is over,” he said. “I like animals and I am pretty passionate about wildlife, so I really enjoy when animals are on campus and we get to share the space with them.”

Boroumand noted that campus geese are sometimes mean, and there is no real way to avoid them when walking to class. 

“Sometimes you just can’t avoid them, but if you keep your distance and respect them, they will respect you,” he said. “Just do not get too close to the geese and they won’t bug you; you have to keep your distance and they will not follow you.” 

Nathaniel Sorochan, a second-year elementary education student, said that geese will be less likely to attack you on your way to class if you do not get too close. 

“Give geese space, and make sure that you are not running into them,” he said. “If geese approach you, you probably do not want to run because that will make them want to run after you. Just walk firmly away.” 

Sorochan shared that in his experience, the birds prefer not to be bothered. 

“Do not make eye contact with them because they will come and find you,” he said. “In the past, I have [wanted to] pet geese, but they have gotten really frustrated and when I try to run away, they start following me and chasing me around.”

Emmanuel Ojo, a third-year computer science student, said that while he enjoys seeing geese back, it is difficult to enjoy resting in the green areas. 

“Now that spring is finally here, it is nice to see geese on campus,” he said. “It is something hard to enjoy laying on the grass when geese are always there, but campus is for all of us to share, including the animals.”

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