Top 5: Outdoor study spaces

As the snow melts away and the temperature warms up, there will be more opportunities to enjoy green spaces on campus.

Spring is finally here, so it’s time to get some time outdoors that the late winter has deprived us of the past few months.

After a year of being in Zoom university, I still find new places where I can study, eat lunch, or even relax between classes on campus. To make up for all that time indoors over the past two years, there are five places outdoors definitely worth checking out to get that much-needed breath of fresh air, or just sit and relax after back-to-back classes. 

1. Main Quad in front of CCIS

Main Quad is always a crowd favourite. While massive enough that everyone can have a space to relax and enjoy the sun, you’ll still be able to grind out those assignments and papers due in the upcoming weeks. It is also a great place since it is central and has easy access to almost every building from the Main Quad. You can still relax before the next set of classes or enjoy lunch by having a small picnic. While relaxing you can also check out cool events that are being held in the Main Quad.

2. Green space behind Biological Sciences

This spot is great especially if you just want to have a little bit of shut-eye. The shade of this area provides enough blockage from the sun that will make sure you get that well-deserved power nap before the next lecture. Another benefit to this space is the view of the North Saskatchewan River. For rough days, this is a peaceful and calming view that you will want to squeeze in between classes. I also highly recommend grabbing your earbuds to play those lo-fi tunes on Spotify or Apple Music to help you wind down.

3. Emily Murphy Park

If you find that the quads are completely overrun with students relaxing and want to get some time in for revision or want to have a nice quiet place for lunch, take a stroll to Emily Murphy Park and hit two birds with one stone. You have the perks of having lunch or socializing while immersing yourself in nature sounds — all without having to pretend by using Spotify’s nature sounds playlist. The best part is that there are tons of seating options! You can sit on a blanket and do some work, or can sit at one of the numerous picnic tables around the park. This is a great time to also whip out your phone and update the ‘Gram.

4. Students’ Union Building patio

It’s the best of both worlds — being outside while also being close to all student activities on campus. You can pull up a patio chair, get some bubble tea, enjoy those sun rays, and do some light reading. You get the benefit of getting that vitamin D while also getting that much-needed fresh air and a change of scenery. Borders are still opening up and one cannot simply get away from it all, so think of the SUB patio like a getaway — a vacation spot on campus that takes your mind off of things.

5. Bleachers at the Butterdome

This area is highly recommended for spending time outdoors when doing summer classes. It’s nice and quiet with a great view, especially if there are no games playing. While there are always a few individuals exercising and using the field, it still remains pretty open to all so spend some time outside and enjoy the sun before the summer rain rolls in!

Janelle Henderson

Janelle is a second year Chemical Engineering student and a senior volunteer contributor for the Gateway. When she is not working process flow diagrams or pipeline systems schematics, Janelle loves to read and write with her AirPods in, listening to throwback playlists.

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