Photostory: Cool corners on campus

U of A's North Campus has a lot to offer from studying areas to cool displays. Can you find all these corners on campus?

Ever since first year, I’ve been a fan of walking around campus; it was a way to clear my head after a long day of studying. Exploring every nook and cranny of University of Alberta’s North Campus definitely helped with finding the rooms for my in-person classes and the prime spots to hang out and nap. My friends, both from in-person and online classes, also showed me their favourite spots on campus and I can see the charm these places hold. With these pictures as guides, I invite you to find these cool corners of campus and have a little adventure of your own.

A little hint: the rocks are pretty scientific-looking, don’t you think?

Arthur Macatangay

Arthur Macatangay is the 2022-23 Managing Editor for The Gateway. He is a fourth year science student in the specialization in immunology and infection program. If you don’t see him looking at memes on Instagram and TikTok, he’s either drawing digitally, trying out new songs on the piano, or hanging out with his dog.

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