Association of Alberta Deans of Education releases statement on K-6 curriculum draft

The Association of Alberta Deans of Education (AADE) has released a statement detailing their involvement in and stance on the Alberta government’s new K-6 curriculum draft.

Education Deans throughout Alberta have issued a statement regarding the Alberta K-6 curriculum draft. 

The Association of Alberta Deans of Education (AADE) — which includes deans from all accredited faculties of education from Alberta’s post-secondary institutions —  released a statement on April 6 detailing their stance on the curriculum draft released by the government of Alberta. 

The statement noted that while the AADE was consulted early in the process of drafting the curriculum, that consultation does not mean they “endorse the curriculum in its current form.”

Jennifer Tupper, dean of education at the University of Alberta, elaborated on why the AADE decided to release the statement. 

“As an Association of Deans of Education, we felt this was an important statement to make it so Albertans could understand our role in the process to date, and so that they are aware of the importance of an age-appropriate, research informed curriculum for students in our province,” she said. 

The AADE statement highlighted venues for Albertans to give feedback on the curriculum draft, saying that the AADE is “committed to the implementation of a curriculum” that is “based on current educational research and reflective of 21st century learners.” 

“We do value that the Minister and Ministry have asked for our continued participation and we look forward to further consultation on the draft curriculum,” AADE said in the statement.

When asked whether the AADE had been in contact with Alberta’s education minister, Adriana LaGrange, since the curriculum was released, Tupper said the AADE has requested a meeting with Roger Palmer, the deputy education minister, who is their “direct point of contact on the curriculum renewal process.”

“We are working to schedule a time for a conversation in the near future,” she said. 

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