Paintings: Effects of COVID-19 captured on canvas

Colette Nadon Burst, acrylic on canvas

I made this painting as part of a project that involved representing language and words with painting. For this particular piece I wanted to make a visual representation of a particular word that may elicit a high emotional response in the viewer. I represented this through the bright, grotesque colours and graphic visual content.

Sofia Capettini Sharp Breaths, acrylic on canvas
Sofia Capettini Infliction, acrylic on canvas

Sharp Breaths & Infliction
I made these two paintings as part of a series about the respiratory system. I initiated this before the spread of the virus, however they subsequently became COVID-19 related. “Sharp Breaths” is an illustration of the virus particles entering the body and infecting the host. “Infliction” relates to how one may have difficulties breathing due to their own self inflicted actions and how that may be further affected by contracting the virus.

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