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Fashion Streeters: Kikki Reed

Stay cute and comfy!

Kikki Reed
First-year nursing

How would you describe what you are wearing today?

Athletic, casual, and comfy.

Did you intentionally go with this colour hue?

Yeah, I did. I like to match sometimes.

What is your sense of fashion?

It kind of changes. Sometimes, I dress like edgy skater. Most of the time, it’s casual like comfy pants and comfy shirts.

When you go shopping, do you buy clothes that are comfy?

Usually, I try to find things that aren’t too form-fitting, things that I can move in.

Why do you go for comfy?

I move around a lot, so I don’t like to be put in things that are too tight. Things that make me uncomfortable in the lecture. Yes, I’m into the athletic lifestyle.

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