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Campus Voices: What is your Halloween costume, and why?

This Halloween, we asked students: What is your Halloween costume, and why?

Whether it was put together last minute or carefully crafted over the course of months, here are some students who took the time during this busy season to celebrate Halloween with a costume.

Timothy Hendrawan (header left) — first-year science student

“I am wearing Joker and it’s just because I dyed my hair green. People said ‘you should just wear Joker’ and now I’m wearing Joker. I dyed my hair green before Joker [came out].”

Tyler Thompson (header right) — second-year arts students

“I am dressed as Joker from the new Joker movie. I decided to dress as this because my hair was the right length and I liked the movie.”

Samantha Bunes — fourth-year kinesiology, sport, and recreation student

Anupma Thakur

“It’s all of the colourful clothing that I own because I love Halloween and wanted to do something. Even though I know I’d look ridiculous, at least it brings some colour to the university today.”

Peter Dobson — first-year arts student

“Kakashi Hatake from the Naruto series because he’s my favourite character from Naruto.”

Nelizon Viloria — third-year arts student

Anupma Thakur

“I’m Chef Boyardee. The inspiration came from when I was walking down an aisle in Wal-Mart one day and I saw a Chef Boyardee can and I was like, ‘hey, that guy looks pretty funny, I’m going to be him for Halloween.'” 

Cameron Walters — fifth-year science student

Anupma Thakur

“It’s Chad. ‘Why?’ is a tougher question. I just thought it would be funny, you know, there’s like a stereotypical Chad. I’m going to rip on Lister… but like every dude from Lister, like the stereotypical first-year dorm guy.”

Bethany Dierdorff — second-year business student

“I’m Jackie Kennedy because my friends and me decided to be presidents, so I’m the wife of a president.”

Michaela Krishka — second-year science student

Anupma Thakur

“I am King Arthur from Monty Python. I’m planning on going out trick-or-treating with my dance friends who are also going to be Monty Python characters.”

Madeline Ridgeway — first-year science student

“My Halloween costume is, I guess, a person with their eye gouged out. And why? Because I like fake blood and I wanted to spend some time putting this together.”

Michaela Bonato (left) — first-year arts student & Charissa Kleckner (right) -—third-year arts student

Anupma Thakur

Bonato: “I am like a snake basically. I decided that I love doing the reptilian makeup so I just have the scales, which is done with a wig cap and a stencil and then I just put a wig on. I like reptiles a lot so I was inspired by that.”

Kleckner: “I am a broken porcelain doll. I just wanted to play with make-up and the contacts and it was a lot of fun.”

Natasha Bassett — first-year arts student

Anupma Thakur

“I am just a general kind of demon. It was a backup plan from items I already had.”

Alyanna Gotardo — second-year agricultural, life & environmental sciences student

“I’m wearing Gryffindor because I love Harry Potter.”

Holly Henderson — third-year kinesiology, sport, and recreation student

“I’m a mermaid because I like mermaids. It’s fun.”

Helen Zhang

Helen Zhang is The Gateway's 2019-2020 Photo Editor. She is a graduate student in Library and Information Studies who spends too much time on Lightroom and Photoshop.

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