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Streeters: Filistix opens in SUB basement

Read what students have to say about the new location and menu

Following the closure of Filistix in the Central Academic Building, a new location in the Students’ Union Building opened on September 21. The Gateway asked students what they thought about the new location.

Richard Bagan

Lanie Lou (left) — Pharmacy I

“I really like it. Now that I’m in pharmacy, it’s actually closer to me than before when it was in CAB. The new location is also a lot bigger so it’s great.”

Richard Bagan

Kieter Balisnomo (far right) — Science V

“It’s really good. I had it before and I didn’t like it. But this one is better somehow. It’s really good and really traditional.”

Haley Dang

Sally Lam — Kinesiology II

“I think it’s nice. But now more people will come to SUB instead of CAB and CAB has a larger cafeteria so it’ll probably be more crowded now.”

Richard Bagan

Kyle Monda — Arts V

“It’s beautiful, I’m happy about the expanded menu, the staff is friendly, and it’s what we need more of. They have healthy and affordable food.”

Richard Bagan

Andrew Bates — Pharmacy I

“I like how it’s more central and easier to access. More people will know about it here. When it was back in CAB I never went by it, but now that it’s here it’s much easier to access.”

Richard Bagan

Carrol Jirakul — Science IV

“It’s really good, I like the new store design.”

Calvin Chan

Calvin Chan is a cell biology student with a keen interest in science writing.

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