Worth It or Not Worth It: Orientation Edition


Are these things worth the time, money, effort, emotion, and/or energy? These writers weigh in.

Timmie’s in CAB

Waiting at the Tim Horton’s in the Central Academic Building is not worth it. The location is very popular (for some reason) and long lineups are the result. It’s just not worth waiting 20 minutes for a cup of coffee, especially when you’ve got little time between classes or a short lunch break. So when there’s Starbucks or Joe’s Coffee on campus, waiting at the Timmies in CAB isn’t worth the trouble.  NOT WORTH IT. — Matt Gwozd


WOW Beer Garden

The university sets up a beer garden every year for The Week of Welcome and it is more than worth it. There’s just nothing better than grabbing a drink or food with friends and enjoying the sunshine after the first day of classes. There’s also a stage and the university has been good about bringing in great local talent to play. Next Week of Welcome, head to the beer garden and see for yourself — totally WORTH IT. — Matt Gwozd


GPA “Boosters”

When trying to get into professional programs and find jobs that pay a half-decent wage, a sleep-inducing class can get you that glorious A you need. It’s a guarantee you won’t regret when you see your final grade in Bear Tracks. The boring material and monotone profs are worth it if they mean someday scoring that sweet job you’ve been dreaming about. WORTH IT. — Prachi Shah


Living in Lister

Overpaying for low-quality food, Listerites aren’t in a position to learn how to live on their own. Stress oozes out of the suspiciously prison-like concrete walls, and mental health can easily take quite the dip. That being said, the communities built as a result of this almost make it all worth it. Key word: almost. NOT WORTH IT. — Prachi Shah

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