Worth It or Not Worth It: Christmas Edition

Monochrome Wardrobe

Your toes might be cold and you’ll probably fall down a few times, but nothing beats the feeling of skating outside. Whether you skate side-by-side with someone you love, do loop-di-loops around the rink, or are just proud to stay upright, skating is a fun way to get a bit of exercise in the winter, and it’s so much more magical when done outside. WORTH IT.

Emma Jones

Outdoor Skating

I understand that minimalism is charming the nation, and it may just be my affinity for hippie culture clouding my opinion, but I can’t help but feel fondness for those who are unapologetic about colour. Shoutout to that one kid on the first day of philosophy who, in a sea of black, white, and unappealing shades of primary colours, wore a brain-meltingly vibrant tie-dye shirt. Right on, man. NOT WORTH IT.

– Taya Weyland

Doing an Honours Program

Don’t squander an opportunity to get into your discipline’s honours program. It’ll force you to study well and specialize in your major because there is a GPA to be met each year and a set of required courses. Plus, you’ll get to closely work with a faculty member as you write your independent research, making them well-acquainted with you in case you need a recommendation letter. WORTH IT.

– Keysel Besa

Driving Home for the Holidays

The drive sucks, your hometown sucks, and your family criticizing you sucks. “You’re in the wrong degree.” “You don’t visit or call enough.” “You should be happier.” There are some family members you enjoy seeing and the food is great, but the drain on your psyche is crippling. This year, stay at home with your favourite alcohol because it won’t disappoint you like you disappoint your family. NOT WORTH IT.

– Nicklaus Neitling

Emma Jones

Emma is the 2020-21 Marketing and Outreach Coordinator, and is going into her fifth year of Political Science with a minor in Comparative Literature. When she isn't busy making a list or colour-coding her agenda, you can find her at debate club, listening to trashy pop music, or accidentally dying her hair pink. She formerly worked as the Opinion Editor at the Gateway and the Student Governance Officer at the Students’ Union.

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