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University to be hit by ice age in 2019

Based off data from the last three years, a climatologist at the University of Alberta predicts that campus will enter a new ice age in 2019.

Karl Kewl, a professor with the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, said the impending ice age is a result of the prolonged tuition freeze that has made it difficult for the university to raise the revenue it needs to keep running. He says that as a result of this freeze, the climate in the surrounding area has hit the point where things are expected to become colder and colder.

Kewl estimates that the university will be enveloped by a glacier double the height of the Tory building. Despite their distance from Main Campus, Kewl expects Augustana and Campus Saint-Jean to be affected as well.

While Kewl is serious about the disastrous effects the ice age will have on post-secondary education in the province, he said there is still time to prevent the impending disaster. He said the ice age can be prevented if the government begins work to thaw the prolonged freeze.

While The Getaway was unable to get a hold of the minister responsible despite reaching out to communications people for weeks, a statement from the government said that there are no plans to thaw the tuition freeze anytime soon.

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