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Premier launches ABGovWeek

At a press conference from the Alberta Legislature, Leader of the New Danger Party (NDP), Premier Satchel Tetley announced a new initiative to encourage citizen participation in government.

Called ABGovWeek, the week-long occasion will host a series of workshops and events empowering Albertans with the knowledge and tools to make an impact in provincial affairs.

“Good governance doesn’t happen on its own,” Tetley said.

Some highlights of the week’s offering of events is a keynote speech delivered by Tetley, A Taste of Alberta Food Tour, How to Defeat a Longstanding Government workshop, and Navigating Journalism with the Edmonton Journal.“We want to equip Albertans with an understanding of governance and elections skills,” Tetley said. “That way they can run for government, or not.”

Tetley hopes that all of the Members of the Legislative Assembly and the greater public will appreciate the greatness of ABGovWeek.

“We consulted with no one before planning this event,” she said. “I just know it is something people want and need.”

Tetley hopes the press conference will be enough advertising to promote the event. Emails will be sent to some communities to participate but nothing further.

“This is the first year ABGovWeek will be done,” Tetley said. “It will continue in the future, whether it is a success or not.”

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