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The Watch-men Ep. 70: Logan

After 17 years in the role, Hugh Jackman pops his Adamantium claws for the last time as Wolverine in the R-rated superhero western, Logan.

On this episode, Matt and Sam question whether the film deserves all the hype it’s been receiving, Reg (you remember Old Man Reg don’t you? It’s been awhile since he’s popped his comic book claws on our show) stops by to tell us why he’s grateful Logan doesn’t replicated its comic book source material Old Man Logan, Joyce goes on a rant about conspiracy theories, and Oumar attempts to have all of us captured and put into the Weapon X Program.

It’s a busy show, but you should listen through so you know just how good Patrick Stewart is in this movie.

What’s your favourite Wolverine-starring X-Men movie, besides Logan (cameos count!)?

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