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1050: Edmonton Comic-Con

In this edition of 1050, we dig back into the vault for a look at items from around last fall’s comic con. This project was created by just walking around the con and taking photos of neat stuff. (The header is part of an Ash Williams cosplay.)

We were going to publish this in a magazine, but that didn’t pan out. We also shot photos for our feature on Filthy Casual clothing, which you can read here.

Photos all by Joshua Storie, hands supplied by Sam Podgurny, Mitch Sorensen, and a variety of conventioners.

pew pew pew!
“Of course we want the Magikarp”
a crunchy 10 dollar bill.
a plastic fork in a plastic blanket.
a silly boy holding a silly rock.
an old comic book.
A pencil sharpener.
Someone else’s crushed up root-beer can.
flat af 3d glasses.
cha ching.
A really big hand holding regular sized bow ties.
an expo guide.
A man’s favorite game.
“I ripped this off some girl’s head.”
Sugar in a cup in a hand.
an arrow.
A squished mini donut.
A regular man holding a little plastic man.
a playstation.
what that finger do?
I spy.

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