1050: Edmonton Folk Music Festival

1050 is a new photo essay segment where we tell a story with photos (worth 1,000 words) and captions of 50 words or fewer. 

The Widelux is a mechanical swing-lens camera that does an almost 140-degree panorama. The 35mm film sits against a round drum. A vertical slit pivots across the film when the shutter is pressed, exposing the frame. While it sounds complicated, the Widelux is a joy to use. It is pre-focused at 10 ft and the only way to capture a documentary style photograph is by stopping down to f11. This makes concert photography with a Widelux especially tricky and an interesting challenge. Notable aficionados of Widelux in North America include Mr. Jeff Bridges, aka The Dude.

Dreamers' Circus
Dreamers’ Circus Manikarnika Kanjilal
The Stepcrew in action Manikarnika Kanjilal
Jason Isbel Manikarnika Kanjilal
Amadou Fall Trio with a Kora Manikarnika Kanjilal
Passenger Manikarnika Kanjilal
Passenger Manikarnika Kanjilal
Friday evening – Forever Folkfest Manikarnika Kanjilal
Jason Isbel Manikarnika Kanjilal
A Folk Fest moment Manikarnika Kanjilal
The Tallest Man on the Earth warranted an obligatory up the nose shot Manikarnika Kanjilal

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