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Fashion Streeters: Ardo Ahmed

Ardo Ahmed
Arts IV

Describe your outfit.

I like to be comfortable! I’m wearing a beanie cause I have a bad hair day today and this sweater is just comfortable. I like long jackets, like a slouchy, careless look. That’s that i was going for.

Christina Varvis

How does your style change day-to-day?

It changes with my personality I think and what I’m influenced by. Somedays I feel super edgy and I want to dress in all black, and then somedays, I’m going to wear a hot pink sweater and kill it! It all depends how I feel.

Christina Varvis

Can you describe what you may be influenced by?

Being in design, I’m always looking for inspiration everywhere, and then, in that design community, seeing how other people dress, so I guesss people here [on campus] inspire me. New York Fashion Week is inspiring too.

Christina Varvis
Christina Varvis

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