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The Watch-men Ep. 13: Leo DiCaprio Profile & The Revenant Review

Revenant (N. One who has returned, as if from the dead), Watch-men (N. One who watches movies and does bad impressions). With Matt out of the studio, presumably due to bear attack, Neale stops by to help Sam review Golden Globe winning survival/ revenge drama, The Revenant. They also give their hottest, takiest, takes on a new Batman v Superman TV spot, Marvel’s Infinity Wars and whether or not DiCaprio will finally get his Oscar. No bears or Watch-men were harmed during the making of this episode.

Music via Broke for Free.

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  1. First, Tom Hardy… my favourite character in Peaky Blinders ( great series) even though I rarely understand anything he says. Want to see this film more for Tom Hardy then Leo D. I am looking forward to the sensory experience I feel I will get from this director. I loved Birdman and how it was shot, those close pans across the face, the uncomfortableness of it all. This film….the classic parable….man vs nature and/or man vs. man. I am looking forward to not just watching this film but after listening to your conversation , experiencing it. Thank you.

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