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Group Commentary: What should’ve had a sequel

Sometimes Hollywood makes us weep by making sequels to movies that don’t need them, like Ghostbusters or Grease. But we would all be a lot happier if these stellar films had a “part two.”


The world deserves a sequel to the Shrek franchise after the colossal disappointment which was Shrek 4.

Okay, I never actually saw Shrek 4. My existential fatigue after watching Shrek become a father in the third instalment of the series was too much for me to handle. I miss our badass, onion-eating green ogrelord.

Bring back angry Shrek. Bring back Smashmouth. Shrek is love. Shrek is life. — Kate Black

Passion of the Christ

There’s a sequel I can only hope is being developed under great wraps, as I have heard nothing of its progress or release of late. Mel Gibson’s 2004 Passion of the Christ leaves us on the painful cliff-hanger ending of the messiah’s return from the dead. The thrilling sequel, possibly titled The Passioner, would follow JC on his trip to kick the collective asses of the Pharisees for handing him over to Pilate. Gibson could make a total 180 with his trainwreck of a career with an entirely new spin on the franchise. A departure from the canonical second coming could be revamped with sweet new Jesus powers, the Son of God takes a second shot at Satan. The Passion of the Christ 2: The Passioner. —  The Gateway

Space Jam

There are kids attending university currently that were born after Space Jam was released. Let that sink in for a second. After you’re done being shocked and appalled, let me name the movie that demands a sequel, and it’s most definitely Space Jam. It just makes sense — many people are already comparing Lebron James to Michael Jordan, so the role of lead basketball player can already be filled. While we have the current version of Michael Jordan, we also need the current version of Bill Murray, which is Bill Murray. With the two most important human roles cast, it’s the perfect time to talk about how awesome Loony Tunes is. A sequel to Space Jam would be a perfect opportunity to introduce an entire lost generation to some of the best cartoon characters of all time: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and everyone’s favorite, Elmer Fudd. Space Jam 2 wouldn’t just be a sequel, it would be a cultural milestone, so make it Hollywood, and watch the world change as a result. — Zach Borutski

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

The genius of writer/director John Hughes provided the world with an ample supply of memorable and funny coming-of-age stories, but if there is one that warranted a sequel the most it is undoubtedly the classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Since its release nearly everyone has falling under the charm of Ferris and the possibilities for a sequel would have been plentiful. Does Ferris go to college? Marry his girlfriend Sloane? What happened to best friend Cam and is his jealous sister Jeanie still out to bring him down? Chronicling just one day in the life of the titular hero left most of us wanting more. A sequel wouldn’t just answer the aforementioned questions, but lead us on to the next series of adventures the young Ferris could conjure. If sending the inept school principal Rooney on a goose chase was amusing, imagine if we saw it happen with a college professor or dean. Or perhaps seeing an older version of Ferris could be equally entertaining: married with kids, skipping work for a day and having his boss on his tail while his sister, the professional, still fumes at being the only responsible one. The film still stands as a modern classic and we should all be glad that even if a sequel never happened the original continues to exist and entertain us all. — Michael Vecchio

Toy Story

I really liked the movie Toy Story. I figure they should go and make a second one that’s arguably better than the first. A decade later, they should make a third that reminds me of my childhood and hits me really hard right in the feels. Don’t make a fourth, though, that would be overkill. — Cam Lewis

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