Marble Pedestal: Farmers’ markets

Ring in spring by supporting local businesses.

Spring has sprung, and what better way to celebrate than by going to the farmers’ market? Spread throughout Edmonton and all of Alberta, farmers’ markets are a spring and summer staple. Filled with mouth-watering cuisine and homemade goods, visiting the farmers’ market is a great way to enjoy the good weather while supporting local businesses. 

Spring is always a time for celebration in Alberta — it signals the end of freezing temperatures and miserable winter weather. As the sun shines and the days get longer, many people are ecstatic at the chance to return outdoors. Why walk around in a stuffy mall when you have access to hundreds of vendors out in the sunshine?

Visiting your local farmers’ market can also help you become more in touch with your community. When you visit the market regularly, you start to see more and more familiar faces. Whether it’s running into your friends or frequently visiting the same baked goods stand, the market is a great place to make connections in your community. 

In addition to being a great outdoor activity, farmers’ markets are becoming more and more important. With increases in mass production, large corporations, and industries such as fast fashion, supporting locally-owned businesses is as crucial as ever. By supporting local, you can rest easy knowing the goods you’re purchasing are sustainably sourced. Locally grown produce also creates less of a carbon footprint as producers don’t have to ship it a far distance. The shorter distance also means the produce is especially fresh. And who doesn’t love fresh fruit and vegetables?

Whether you’re a market regular or you just want to stop by for some fresh strawberries, the farmers’ market is the place for everyone. The market allows you to celebrate good weather, connect with others, and support local businesses! What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon? 

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