Point/Counterpoint: Horror Movies

No matter how you feel about them, horror movies have an essential role in the Halloween season.

Whether you love them or hate them, watching horror movies is part of the activities that define October. But is this an activity that deserves to stay? Some argue absolutely, while some are vehemently against it — which side are you on?

The essential role of horror movies in Halloween celebrations: 

October is a month that truly shifts the whole city to a new phenomenon. Horror movies play a major part in this eerie season, with clubs and friend groups organizing at least one horror movie night in October. As a year-round horror movie enthusiast, I firmly believe that everybody should get a taste of this genre, especially during the most fitting month.

Horror movies artfully blend moments of silence with sudden screams, delivering a safe yet exhilarating adrenaline rush. When engrossed in a film, we go on a journey alongside the characters, sharing their experiences and emotional highs and lows. This results in blurred lines between reality and fantasy.

Contrary to the perception of some non-fans, the horror genre spans many sub-genres, intertwining fear with comedy, action, romance, mystery, and thriller. This genre-blending can elevate a storyline and the viewer’s emotional engagement, making the experience doubly enjoyable. Personally, I find the horror-comedy hybrid my favourite — theatres buzzing with both laughter and screams offer an excellent atmosphere for utter entertainment.

Every horror movie guarantees to give you a satisfying emotional journey regardless of the story. Horror movies often assure us that despite all the unknowns around the entity and the unfolding uncertainties, good always wins. They make my heart light and give me hope about the world when I am completely down.

Celebrations should draw people together, fostering fun activities that render the occasion unforgettable. Watching horror movies promises a rollercoaster of emotions. The laughter, screams, hand-holding, and shared moments of fright will linger in memories, triggered with every mention of the watched movie. Can you imagine a better way to immortalize a spooky celebration?

-Devipriya Raju

Horror movies aren’t all they’re cracked up to be: 

I’ve only seen one horror movie in my life. A while ago my friend and I watched The Road together. I was expecting a fun movie night with my friend to escape from exam stress, but instead we both finished the movie completely disturbed. Seeing a pseudo-realistic depiction of human cannibalism was too much for us.

When I settle in to watch a movie, I’m looking to escape real life and be transported into a wonderful, mystical world. I want to leave the movie feeling better than when it started. I’m not saying every movie needs to be unrealistically positive, but I want to actually enjoy my viewing experience. Horror movies are intended to be scary, and being scared isn’t exactly an enjoyable feeling.

Why would we expose ourselves to horror movies in times of war, climate catastrophe, and constant bad news? Isn’t the horror of real life enough? Horror movies can evoke upsetting feelings. There is no need to waste your time watching them when you could enjoy something pleasant instead. In addition, there are a lot of other interesting movie genres. There is certainly something for everybody besides horror movies. 

You don’t need to watch a horror movie instead of revelling in good feelings by choosing a different movie genre or activity. While there is an urge from pop culture to watch horror movies around Halloween, there are plenty of other fun seasonal activities. I would strongly recommend switching to a harmless fall activity instead. Have you tried carving pumpkins with your friends yet?

-Sandra Fahl

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