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Eating Edmonton: Pals Sandwiches

Pals Sandwiches offers a great variety of menu options, as well as a bright aesthetic and comfortable atmosphere!

On 83rd Avenue across from the Varscona Theatre is a hard-to-miss bright yellow building, which is home to Pals Sandwiches. Pals offers a wide variety of sandwiches, which piqued my interest. The sandwich shop opened in 2022, created by the same group behind Meat, Pip, and The Next Act — all of which are iconic eateries in Old Strathcona.

Right when you walk in, the interior of the restaurant is very bright and aesthetically-pleasing. Everything from the decor to the menu works together to enhance the dining experience. The many options of sandwiches, soups, sides, and desserts all left my mouth watering before I even ordered. I decided to order the Reuben, as my favourite sandwiches often contain deli meats.

Pals’ sides are interesting, ranging from olives to chicken nuggets, but I ended up choosing the cheesy fries. I paired my order with a craft root beer from Annex Ales, a Calgarian brewery.

The Reuben’s ingredients include rye bread, pastrami, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing. I found it to be a very delicious sandwich. The pastrami and Swiss cheese paired well together without overpowering each other’s flavours. The meat, however, came off too salty at first. However, after a few bites, the sauerkraut and Russian dressing balanced it out with their sourness and zest. I really appreciated the bread — it was just the right balance of crispy yet soft.

When ordering a sandwich, there’s an option to substitute the fries or chips with cheesy fries, soup, or salad. I went with the cheesy fries, however, they did not quite meet my expectations. I was expecting cheesy and gooey, which unfortunately was not the case. The cheesy fries were also topped with green onions, and I found the flavours overwhelming.

The drink selection is huge, including all kinds of cocktails, beers, ales, and wine. For those who prefer a non-alcoholic beverage, the options do not disappoint. Pals offers unique drinks such as house-made sweet tea, saskatoon lemonade, craft cola, and ginger beer. The craft root beer I ordered differed from regular root beer like the server said it would — it was delicious.

Although eating at Pals was an amazing experience, I won’t be eating here every week. It’s not the most affordable option — my meal cost $32.60, including the tip.

However, it’s a great place for both special and more regular occasions. If you’re looking for a good meal after a tough day of classes and exams, and you don’t want to venture far, then Pals is definitely the place to go. 

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