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Job Posting: 2023/24 Editor-in-Chief

Apply to be our next Editor-in-Chief!

Position: Editor-in-Chief

Reports to: Gateway Student Journalism Society Board of Directors

Closing Date: February 9, 2023 at 10 p.m.

Salary: $21,000 to be paid in a negotiated amount over 12 months (to be negotiated and confirmed)

Terms of Contract: Full-time, one-year position from May 1, 2023 to April 30, 2024

Job Summary: The Editor-in-Chief shall be responsible for The Gateway’s overall operations, from day-to-day tasks to long-term planning. The Editor-in-Chief is responsible to the Gateway Student Journalism Society and assumes overall responsibility for The Gateway by supervising all aspects of editing and production. The Editor-in-Chief must operate in accordance with the Gateway Student Journalism Society bylaws at all times.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1) Edit and vet all copy, with the assistance of the Managing Editor.

2) Write copy for The Gateway where required.

3) Ensure, in conjunction with the Managing Editor, that the duties of an editor who is absent for any reason are completed.

4) Run editorial meetings to determine content for The Gateway.

5) Endeavour to attend section meetings when time permits.

6) In conjunction with the Managing Editor, generate and/or solicit from volunteers and editors story ideas that may be worthy of in-depth coverage in the features section.

7) Update the Gateway Staff Manual over the summer to serve as a guide to help both new and ongoing volunteers understand the general operations of The Gateway.

8) Supervise all volunteers and paid staff, including the Business Unit.

9) Submit a timely report to the Board of Directors 72 hours in advance of all board meetings.

10) Use discretion as to what material is published in The Gateway; if necessary, contact the Society’s lawyer for legal opinions on any potentially libelous material before it is published.

11) Consult with the Executive Director in preparing the annual budget, and adhere to the final budget as approved by the Board of Directors.

12) Collaborate with the Marketing and Outreach Coordinator to plan promotional campaigns and contests to improve readership and generate interest in The Gateway.

13) Attend administration meetings in conjunction with the Executive Director, Marketing and Outreach Coordinator, and the Managing Editor to provide the editorial perspective for any decisions related to the business side of the paper.

14) Handle official grievances about The Gateway and its operation as per Article 10 of the Society’s bylaws.

15) Handle any internal grievances or disciplinary measures involving editors or volunteers in accordance with society bylaws.

16) Act as the formal representative of The Gateway and the GSJS at external functions as required.

17) Act as the official delegate of the GSJS during any interactions with the Canadian University Press.

18) Sit as a director on the Society’s Board of Directors.

19) Perform other job-related duties as required by the Society.


1) Must be registered in the equivalent of at least one (1) course for credit at the University of Alberta during each term of the Fall and Winter sessions of their term in this position.

2) Must be available to work varying hours.

3) Must have advanced computer skills.

4) Must have held a Gateway editorship, or have equivalent editorial and leadership experience.

5) Must have superior writing and editing abilities as well as basic knowledge of design and photographic techniques.

6) Must have in-depth knowledge of Canada’s libel laws.

7) Must be able to deal effectively with Society and University staff and the Students’ Union in addition to students and the general public.

Please submit a resume, cover letter, and portfolio consisting of five written pieces to current Editor-in-Chief, Emily Williams, at [email protected] with the subject line “EiC 2022-23 Application.” Please have three references ready to be provided to the Hiring Committee.

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