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Dream Team: Twilight and Beautiful Disaster

Twilight and Beautiful Disaster are both well-known young adult romance novels, each with their own unique qualities. What would happen if they collaborated?

The Dream Team is a series where our writers tell us about their dream collaboration, and why it would be a game-changer.

Every time I reread two of my favourite novels, Beautiful Disaster and Twilight, I hope for their collaboration. One novel discusses toxic relationships and the other centres around vampire love; their collaboration can turn out to be terrific. 

Beautiful Disaster is about Abby and Travis, who have troubled pasts and depend on each other to build a future together. Twilight, which is also a world-famous movie, includes love between a vampire and a human. Beautiful Disaster and Twilight is my dream team because a book that will touch on the toxicity of Beautiful Disaster and the morality of Twilight would be stupendous. 

Both of the novels are based on passionate love and indulge the audience with sexual tension between the couples. There is nothing similar about the books except for endearment, yet their collaboration would be perfect. The story can be about two couples; one is a human couple and the other is a vampire-human couple. Their blend would include the simplicity of human love and the complexity of a vampire-human love story. 

Surely it was a good way to die, in the place of someone else, someone I loved.

Stephenie Meyer, Twilight

Imagine a book that compares toxic and healthy relationships. Twilight is a special novel because it is a pioneer in vampire young adult romance. Twilight is the kind of book that can make the reader fall in love with vampires and believe in the potential of love. Stephenie Meyer portrays the family of the vampires as virtuous and humane. Also, Meyer describes the Cullen family as very fetching and captivating. The vampires are so bewitching that you can’t help but fall for them. 

Twilight covers aesthetic details of the scenery including the hefty mountains and humid weather of Forks, Washington. Meyer describes the panoramic view of the entire Columbia River Gorge, which separates Oregon and Washington. She describes the sounds of various animals which vampires can hear and that makes the reader imagine the scenery.

The other good thing about the book is that each vampire in the book has a unique magical power. My favourite is Edward’s power to read minds. Ironically, he is unable to read the mind of the girl he falls for. 

It wasn’t just me, and it wasn’t just him, it was what we were together that was the exception.

Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster on the other hand is more realistic as it talks about real human love. It is one of Jamie McGuire’s most well-known romance novels. McGuire has written many other romance novels, but she gained attention due to this novel.

This book is about Travis Maddox who is a womanizer with all the looks, but he falls for a girl named Abby who shows resistance to his appeals. Travis is immediately interested in becoming friends with Abby because he is intrigued by her. The more Abby tries to pull away from Travis, the more she falls for him. The book involves passive-aggressive behaviour, possession, insecurity and most importantly, a love story which is turbulent.

The collaboration book would be quite passionate if it includes the unique details of Twilight and the characters from Beautiful Disaster. This is because if the characters of Beautiful Disaster obtain magical powers like the vampires of Twilight, it will be fun. It will be interesting to see who makes the best couple, and if the characters blend well, or if there would be an overlap of storylines. I predict that such a book will be a bestseller and would be a must-read.

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