Photostory: E-Scooters are a Problem

Check out this photostory of E-scooters on campus

You see them littered everywhere, in the ditch, in the bushes in the river valley, back alleys, even in the middle of streets and sidewalks. For some it’s a sight for sore eyes from a long walk home, for others it’s just an eye sore. Everyone has a story of almost getting smoked by one of these. I was surprised to see these make a comeback amidst the pandemic. Disappointed personally, to see them littered among the beautiful cityscape.

Christien Ford

Christien Ford is the 2020-2021 Photo Editor for the Gateway. He's majoring in biology, but when he isn't looking through the lens of a microscope or camera he likes to daydream about expensive camera gear and chill with his cat.

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