Outtakes: Garneau Theatre

Historic and beautiful, the Garneau Theatre holds history and hearts

Sometimes The Gateway photographers take photos for articles that end up never being published, sometimes we take way more photos than can be fit into one article — Outtakes is a place for these unused photos to be showcased.

Garneau Theatre by Cody Shimizu, September 29th, 2020

Cody Shimizu
Cody Shimizu
Cody Shimizu

In our recent marble pedestal about movie theatres, it’s said that theatres are a great escape from a stressful life in the middle of a pandemic. Photo volunteer Cody Shimizu visited the historic Garneau theatre near campus to capture these photos.

Christien Ford

Christien Ford is the 2020-2021 Photo Editor for the Gateway. He's majoring in biology, but when he isn't looking through the lens of a microscope or camera he likes to daydream about expensive camera gear and chill with his cat.

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