Marble Pedestal: Schitt’s Creek & Canadian TV

Schitt's Creek demonstrates the value of Canadian television and other shows should be taking note

If you haven’t watched Schitt’s Creek yet, what are you doing? Seriously.

Schitt’s Creek is Canada’s gem that is finally getting recognition — seven Emmys worth of recognition. The CBC, Canada’s own network dedicated to media from our home, produces the show. A Canadian television show, especially one with a healthy and mature gay relationship, sweeping the Emmys means more than just bragging rights for Canada’s television industry. 

For such a brilliant, heartwarming show, you would think it’s consistently been doing well for all six of its seasons. Well, this actually is not the case. First of all, American broadcasters can’t even say the name, and the show only took off slowly in the American market once picked up by POPTV. Luckily, in Canada, CBC took the show immediately, and Canadian’s have loved it since.

If someone asks me what a great Canadian TV show is, I know my immediate answer would be Schitt’s Creek. I adore the show, but I also realized that I don’t really know too many other Canadian TV shows. Canadian TV is mostly just American TV filmed in Canada, but there’s several sources exploring why we have a lack of Canadian produced TV. Schitt’s Creek, though the show itself never specifies where it takes place, is distinctly Canadian. 

The show winning numerous television awards could not have come at a better time, either. Erin O’Toole, recently elected leader of the federal Conservative Party, directly targeted the CBC to defund it. The CBC is dedicated to preserving Canadian culture, language, media, everything distinctly Canadian. They are essential to keeping Canadian media alive, and without a program like the CBC ensuring we have this security, we could potentially see the end of any Canadian media succeeding. But, Schitt’s Creek is a hot name in the media right now, and this brings good news for other Canadian TV shows, along with the CBC

Not only does this Emmy sweep bring great news for other Canadian shows, the core relationship of Schitt’s Creek is that between David and Patrick. The show normalizes queer relationships and being queer. Dan Levy, who plays David Rose and writes and produces the show, specifically wanted homophobia away from the show’s narrative. Many queer narratives on other shows deal with homophobia as a central plot, but Schitt’s Creek lack of such is a nice break from the bury your gays and queerbaiting tropes that are present in tons of media with canonically queer characters. Instead, we get a queer narrative full of love, hope, and joy.

From heartwarming coming out scenes to hilarious and iconic sibling bickering, Schitt’s Creek deserved their Emmy sweep. As a country, we will remember a show that so wholesomely embodies a mix of comedy, heart, and is Canadian at its core, for paving the path for Canadian TV for years to come.

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