Top 5: Things to do with your old Edmonton CFL merch

With the football team taking the long overdue step of changing their name, there are plenty of options for what to do with your old merch

Edmonton’s CFL football team has finally parted ways with their old name. For the time being, it will be called the Edmonton Football Team.

There is still a lot of work to be done though. An actual name replacement needs to be decided upon, and the domain of their official website should be revised from the abbreviation “esks.” 

For years the name has been the subject of controversy and divisive opinions. It is unfair to the Inuit people that it took up until now — society’s current re-examination of racism and sponsors threatening to step aside — for the organization to seriously consider rebranding. Hopefully this will be taken as a lesson and such conversations will take place sooner in the future. 

So where does that leave your merch that still has “Eskimos” on it? While it was uncomfortable to wear a jersey with the offensive name before, it would definitely be awkward wearing it now that the change has been made official. Here are a few suggestions.

1. Burn it

The first answer to getting rid of anything. Imagine the catharsis of letting go of your old stuff and welcoming the next chapter of Edmonton’s football team with blazing inferno. How explosive, energetic and eclectic!

2. Use it as a rag

For all your household cleaning needs! Whether it’s dishwashing, sanitizing counters or work in the garage, your trusty green and gold shirt or pants can help you get the job done faster and better!

Unless you own a jersey. Jerseys might not work all that great as rags because of all the holes. In that case, it can be used to wipe off sweat after working in the yard or handing in that big term paper.

3. Rebrand it yourself

Why wait for the new name when you can come up with a better one yourself? First, choose your favorite noun or verb starting with the letter “E.” I guarantee you that any word will be considerably better than the team’s old name.

Lastly, decide on how you will apply the new word to your merch. Your choices are permanent marker, label maker and embroidery. No art & design degree required!

4. Donate it

Especially in these difficult times, there is always someone in need of clothing donations. You can help out the less fortunate or local thrift stores by donating your gently used merch.

5. Wait for a trade-in offer

This one is a bit of a long shot. Go for this only if you are willing to wait for the name change. Because once the name is revealed, a new merch line will arrive. It would certainly be a kind gesture to the fans if the organization gave free stuff or a discount for trading in your old merch. I really hope something like this happens. This way fans don’t have to be stuck with keeping their old gear and deciding whether or not to wear it.

Damian Lachacz

Damian Lachacz is a second-year English major and the Deputy Opinion Editor at The Gateway. He spends his free time wondering if plants can use the Force, watching niche movies/tv, reading the grittiest mystery novels and crushing his foes at board games.

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