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2020 Vice-President (Operations and Finance) Candidate Pitch: Alana Krahn

Krahn is one of two candidates running for the position this year

The vice-president (operations and finance) is in charge of the Students’ Union’s finances and its over $10 million budget. It falls onto them to make sure the organization’s finances are sound, and that the money raised through dedicated fee units, fees collected by student groups, are properly handled. Additionally, the vice-president (operations and fiance) manages the Students’ Union’s business operations, including SUBmart, Horowitz Catering, and the two campus bars: Dewey’s and Room at the Top.

Alana Krahn is a fourth-year business economics and law student. Here is her pitch for VP Ops-Fi.

Read more about Krahn’s platform in the vice-president (operations and finance) candidates’ Q&A.

Helen Zhang

Helen Zhang is The Gateway's 2019-2020 Photo Editor. She is a graduate student in Library and Information Studies who spends too much time on Lightroom and Photoshop.

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