Top 5: Things to do in the snow on campus

Snow many possibilities

Usually by this time of the year we’re knee-deep in snow, but somehow the dumping of crystallized H2O has only just begun. Maybe it’s been a blessing for the weak Vancouverites who hate snow. Maybe the unusually warm weather has subconsciously created more anxiety about global warming for you. Either way, the snow has arrived, and we may as well enjoy it before we all melt and die! Here are the top 5 things to do with the snow on campus!

5. Build a snow-significant other, and cry.

Ah yes, the winter months are typically referred to as “cuffing season,” a time when single people begin to get lonely and wish they had a boo to cuddle up to by the fireplace. Some of you might have begun receiving the dreaded “where’s your boyfriend/girlfriend/gender neutral significant other?” at family gatherings around the holidays. Well, if there’s enough snow, you can build yourself a snow-significant other. Then you can cry, because your snow-bae is as cold as your dead heart and they will melt before you can cuddle them by the fireplace.

4. Make a snow-castle, and cry.

Grab some sand pails and start building the snow-castle of your dreams. Compete with your engineering friends to see who can build the most structurally-sound castle. Unleash your creativity and put Elsa’s ice palace to shame. Then proceed to cry, because you’re making snow-castles instead of sandcastles at the beach. But it’s ok! With rising temperatures and melting ice caps, the beach will come to us soon!

3. Have a snowball fight, and cry.

Pretty self-explanatory, having a snowball fight with friends is a fun stress reliever. Unless you don’t have any friends. That’s where the crying comes in.

2. Kiss your bae, and cr- wait no this one’s pretty cute, there’s no need for crying.

Every year around December, the main quad trees are lit up with Christmas lights. It’s a heartwarming sight for anyone trudging through the snow towards the bus stop after a long study sesh on the 8th floor of DICE (great view, 10/10 would recommend). If you happen to be walking with your significant other in the main quad, where fluttering snowflakes reflect the glow of holiday cheer, take a minute and enjoy it. And each other.

1. Draw a male reproductive organ 🙂

You have to. Oh, and then lay down and cry about exams coming up. But at least someone will comment on your artistic genius and give you the validation you need to get through this difficult time!

Tina Tai

Tina is the 2020-21 Magazine Editor and the 2019-20 Online Editor of The Gateway. She is a Psychology major and enjoys training her cats to give high-fives using behaviour modification methods. In her spare time she enjoys making sushi, watching murder mystery shows, and taking naps so long they may as well be sleeps.

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