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Letter to the Editor: The U of A needs to ban single-use plastics

A concerned student writes in to raise awareness about single-use plastics on campus

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“The U of A needs to ban single-use plastics”

The current life-cycle approach of single-use plastic is economically wasteful and harms ecosystems, and food vendors at the University of Alberta use a significant amount of single-use plastics.

The U of A community should take steps to phase out single-use plastics on campus. They can make make this change by creating a policy banning single-use plastics on campus, offering incentives for using reusable products, and spreading awareness through research-based education programs.

The single-use plastics being phased out will include plastic bottles, cutlery, straws, coffee cups, takeout containers, wrapping, and bags. It should be noted that single-use options will still be available upon request for those who require them.

You can sign this petition if you agree:

The petition will be brought forward to the U of A in conjunction with a project proposal.

Sarah Patterson, Nursing III

Letter has been edited for clarity.

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