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Happy National Donut Day!

The first Friday of every June is National Donut Day, a day where dispensaries of this delectable delight dish out doughnuts for free in celebration.

Rooted in tradition dating back to World War I, Donut Day celebrates the women of the Salvation Army, who provided a number of supplies and services for the soldiers overseas: respite, writing materials, garment mending, and, yes, donuts. Just over a hundred years later, Donut Day is less a wartime holiday, and more a chance for pastry lovers everywhere to tip their hats to the torus-shaped sweet.

The traditional donut shape is well known across the world, but every country has their own take on it. The Hawaiian donut, more commonly known as the Malasada, is actually of Portuguese origin, originating as a stowaway with Portuguese settlers to the islands. Struffoli, the Italian donut, reaches only the size of a marble, but still manages to taste just as good. Anyone who’s lived in Canada for even a little while knows about beaver tails, but did you know that they’re considered Canada’s donut variant? Everywhere from Iceland to Madagascar has a different spin on the sweet delicacy. They say that food brings people together, and with donuts, you can take part no matter where you’re from.

Donut Day; the name speaks for itself. One day of the year set aside for the choice snack of lazy cops on the Simpsons and early morning office meetings. A snack which comes in so many different shapes and sizes, and yet still retains its culinary continuity; raising a banner which promises a worthy, delicious exchange for ruining your diet.

This is no cookie, cupcake, or scone. You won’t lose any flavourful morsels to all too many falling crumbs on your newly washed shirt, nor is the good part of the pastry concentrated solely on top, leaving a disappointing chore after the frosting is gone. This donut, this ever-changing, flavour-encompassing super snack is wholly and undeniably delicious. It refuses to discriminate, catering to anyone on Earth with a sweet craving.

Today, take a trip out to your local donut dealer and enjoy the snack of many faces. Happy National Donut Day!

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