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Streeters: What are your summer plans?

Classes are over, the sun is shining, and the light summer breeze smells of opportunity… at least until those spring and summer classes start!

With the snow finally gone (though in Alberta we never know), The Gateway asked students enjoying the sun in quad about their summer plans.

Donna Cao (Header) – Sciences V

“I’m convocating this June! I’m also going to a leadership conference in Vancouver for the Union of Vietnamese Students’ Associations, and I will be dancing at the conference as well. After that, I’m going to Vietnam to visit my family back home.”

Haley Dang

Matthew Gaerlin – Nursing III

“I’m just taking computer science and psychology spring classes. Once summer semester starts I’ll be relaxing in New Jersey visiting my family.”


Angelica Huynh – ALES II

“I’m taking some spring and summer courses and then I have an internship lined up in a month. It’s with the Alberta Lake Management society and we’re testing lake water for invasive species DNA on campus.”

Haley Dang

Daniella Hernandez – Sciences IV

“I just had an interview this morning, so now I’m gonna be researching at the U of A for a geo project!”

Haley Dang

Nathan Polard-Yopek – Masters of Arts and Human Geography

“I’m currently working on an NSERC USRA, which is an undergraduate student award. I work for Dr. Britta Jensen and I’m doing a project looking at ash from 1980 Mount St. Helen in lake cores and peat bogs. The ash is represented as something called cryptotephra which means it’s microscopic and really hidden. It’s hard to do, so it’s miserable but also awesome.”

Khadra Ahmed

Khadra is the Gateway's 2019-20 Staff Reporter, dedicated to providing intersectional news coverage on campus. She's a biology major and a women's and gender studies minor so if you want to talk about embryology, the development of medical perception or the intersections between both, she's your gal.

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